The (tipping) point of ‘Merry Christmas’

I’ve noticed a distinct change in greetings this year. Many folks who had been intimidated by the politically correct crowd tolerating only a meek muttering of “Happy Holidays” have instead become an almost rebelliously jolly groundswell of those wishing each other a “Merry Christmas.”

While holiday cheer is non-denominational and there are those who might wonder what the big deal is, trying to secularize Christmas underlies the intentional diminishment of God, and indeed, a blatant assault on Christianity, in our society. President Barack Obama recites the Gettysburg Address but omits “under God.”  Cheerleaders are banned from using Bible verses on banners. Vanderbilt threatens Christian organizations‘ university recognition unless they agree to no longer require their leaders to share their beliefs.

Seventy-eight percent of Americans self-identify as Christians, but ‘tis the season for the sour-faced self-important politically correct gang to attack not only the messengers but the very message of Christmas. Sick and tired of these assaults on their personal faith, especially after fending off the PC police in every other area of their lives, people are starting to stand up to this pernicious nonsense in their own small ways. Hey, even Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee finally relented and is now calling the State House tree a “Christmas” tree, admitting its former “holiday” tree label generated too much protest.

The PC crowd will say that wishing someone a merry Christmas is offensive in our multicultural society, especially in light of the many immigrants who have made a choice to make this their home. (Full disclosure: I am an immigrant who became a naturalized citizen.)  By choosing to live here, new citizens must also accept our practices, values and traditions, the things upon which our greatness was founded.

Examples of hostile forces trying to ruin the joyous Christmas season are everywhere, from banning Nativity displays to changing Christmas hymn lyrics to the latest and most extravagant effort from a group called American Atheists, which has purchased a very expensive piece of real estate on one of Times Square’s largest electronic billboards, blaring the headline, “Who Needs Christ in Christmas? Nobody!” before an animated hand erases “Christ.”

It’s a free country. They can say this, but why can’t other people say “Merry Christmas”?  Tolerance is always a one-way street with these grumps.

If David Silverman, president of AA, doesn’t believe in God, why is he getting so worked up? Because he is yet another intolerant leftist who wants to control the way you live and what you think.

Interesting how they stay silent on religions other than Christianity. Instead of wishing our Muslim friends “Ramadan Mubarak,” they could wish them a “happy mostly Middle Eastern celebration.” Instead of the menorah, our Jewish friends could be enjoying Hanukkah with their holiday candelabra. Or is it politically correct to honor only a non-Christian god?

And then there is the kerfuffle with Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. A&E has been trying to get the family to stop praying  “in Jesus’ name”  at the end of its show, even though all Christians of their inclinations do so. Now Phil has been railroaded off the show for giving his opinion on how homosexuality cannot coexist with his faith. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal perfectly expressed the outrage for many when, referring to the twerking pop tart, he stated, “It is a messed-up situation when Miley Cyrus gets a laugh, and Phil Robertson gets suspended.”

As we might expect, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has weighed in, but in the face of unprecedented backlash, it is now offering to “educate” Robertson. I think they mean “indoctrinate,” but it’s just another example of how the left won’t stop until everyone is forced to think the same way they do.

For example, after a court order, the New Jersey Senate introduced a gay marriage bill. However, it was pulled from consideration. Why? Because Lambda Legal didn’t want to go forward until the religious exemption was excised so it would have “an extra level of protection.” Translation, it wanted to be able to force everyone to accept its point of view.

In their unquenchable thirst for power and control, American Atheists, GLAAD, Lambda Legal and other left-wing extremist groups will stop at nothing to silence their critics and demonize those who have different views. They are purveyors of hate, bigotry, intolerance and repression.

But perhaps we’ve finally reached the tipping point and we’re starting to see people protesting in their own small ways.

Merry Christmas!



Susan Dench

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Susan Dench is the founder and president of the fast-growing non-profit, non-partisan Informed Women's Network. Recognizing that many women are tired of "politics as usual," Susan decided to take action and develop strategies that are innovating the way women and politics intersect, nurturing and encouraging women in fun, energetic gatherings where views can be expressed in a supportive environment and then translated into practical solutions that produce results.