About Susan

Susan Dench is the founder and president of the Informed Women’s Network, a fast growing non-profit, tri-partisan organization which is innovating the way women and politics intersect. Engaging, educating and empowering women on fiscal issues, the IWN makes learning about pocketbook matters fun, relevant and interesting (yes, really!). 

A lively speaker, Susan’s personal experiences spurred her to author The Responsibility Rules: Living A Self-Disciplined Life in a Self-Entitled World, landing her on Fox & Friends and numerous radio shows. She also writes a weekly column for the Bangor Daily News.

As her family will be only too happy to confirm, Susan is never afraid to give her opinion if asked (and usually if not asked).  Serving in the community, a home design fanatic, Boston Bruins fan and keen soprano, she lives on the coast of Maine with her exceedingly indulgent husband and admittedly spoiled dogs. She can be reached at susan@susandench.com.