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Don’t let the food police get away with these half-baked ideas

While we’ve all had a good laugh (at least I hope you did) at former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s decrees on 16-ounce sodas, calorie counts and trans fats, there are many other instances of the government’s irrational need to tell everyone else how to live and coerce them into compliance. Some more examples of government […]

Liberals no longer hiding contempt of free speech

Wow, this was a banner week for liberals and their “tolerance” of differing opinions, proving again that liberalism cannot survive open and honest debate. First of all Charles Krauthammer, a columnist and Fox News contributor, found himself in hot water with the global warming crowd, who demanded that the Washington Post refuse to publish his […]

The new normal: A lack of civility

As we commemorate Presidents’ Day this week, it’s a good time to take a glimpse of the man George Washington was destined to become by dusting off his Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour In Company and Conversation. Written by our first president as a teenager, the document is still relevant today (although we hope we […]

Misunderstanding or not, Dems violated public’s trust voting sans GOP

You’ve been robbed. According to the FBI, the chances of actually catching a thief in the act are slim to none. In this case, however, the thieves have been caught red-handed. In 2012, new Senate President Justin Alfond, D-Portland, and House Speaker Mark Eves, D-North Berwick, vowed to work with their Republican colleagues, who had […]

Note to Maine Democrats: Get on the opportunity bus instead

Photo Credit: Troy R. Bennett, BDN Here we go again. Senate President Justin Alfond, who was born into wealth, last week put on his war paint to gin up yet another attack on those who want to protect the overburdened Maine taxpayer. This time he claims that Gov. Paul LePage has declared “war on the […]

Sex, binge drinking to sell Obamacare? How not to market insurance

It’s an old marketing maxim — sex sells. And since nothing else is helping Obamacare sell (fewer than 27,000 people have successfully signed up for health insurance through the dangerously insecure federal Obamacare website), supporters in Colorado have decided to give this notion a try. A raunchy ad campaign by ProgressNow Colorado and the Colorado […]

Yes to wine tasting, no to sex trafficking victim protection: Where’s the feminist outrage now?

Rep. Amy Volk, R-Scarborough, found herself at once horrified and inspired. After reading a report by the Polaris Project ranking Maine in the bottom half of states for anti-human trafficking laws and listening to the co-founder of a human trafficking rescue organization speak at her church, she decided to introduce a bill that would let courts vacate the criminal […]